Please support Cambodian Entomology Initiatives to Insect Diversity in Cambodia

Cambodian Entomology Initiatives (CEI) is taking decisive action to building research capacity in Entomology and research of insect-diversity in Cambodia. We believe that it is within the hands of Cambodian young scientists to improve and enhance the science education of entomology in the future generations.

As a donor, we rely on your support to achieve our milestones and missions. Please help us to discover and research on Cambodian Entomology today and for the future.

Your donation really will make a tremendous difference.

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Entomological Collection

To maintain and keep all the insect specimens sustain 20% of the donation budget will be assigned....Develop a national entomology collection and curatorial skills

Scientific Research and Education

Research supports are vital for Cambodian Entomology Initiatives (CEI). 50% of the donation will go to the budget line...

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Curators and Labors

Additional of 30% from the donation will go to curators and researchers who are working and volunteering at the Cambodian Entomology Initiatives...IMG_2644